Vice Chancellor Simon Maddocks
Professor Simon Maddocks

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is based in the capital city of Darwin at the heart of Australia's tropical north and is Australia's closest university to Asia.

CDU has all the advantages of a relatively young multi-sector university, including vigour, creativity, flexibility and freedom from the constraints of tradition. But its true character and richness stems from its location in the Northern Territory of Australia, centred in Darwin: a youthful, multicultural, cosmopolitan, and robust, tropical city in a Territory that is steeped in Aboriginal tradition and culture and which enjoys a close interaction with the peoples of Southeast Asia.

That geography and those historical connections help to shape and explain the University's special interests in both indigenous and regional issues; areas of interest that it shares with many other parts of the world: in particular, those located in tropical climates and those where there is a meeting of peoples from diverse cultural backgrounds.

From the expansive deserts in the south to the tropical north and the Arafura Sea, rich in marine life, are boundless opportunities for research and exploration, including the biodiversity of the world heritage Kakadu National Park.

Its location, assisted by its relatively small size, has created a university that is collegiate, friendly and confident of its future as a leader in its chosen fields of expertise and also as an institution that provides high quality teaching and services in all areas of study ranging from Vocational Education Training (VET) through to advanced research doctorates.

The Charles Darwin University welcomes researchers, teachers and students from around the world, whether postgraduate, undergraduate or technical, to share in the richness of life and study opportunities that the Northern Territory offers.