Student Academic Integrity at CDU

Student Academic Integrity at CDU

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Integrity is a core value at Charles Darwin University and it is one of the principles included in the CDU Code of Conduct. Academic integrity is a particular form of integrity and is defined at Charles Darwin University as “uprightness and honesty in the pursuit of scholarly activity” (CDU Students Breach of Academic Integrity Procedures pro-092). Student breaches of academic integrity are regarded as a serious matter.

The aim of this website is to provide students and staff with information and resources about academic integrity in order that students understand the academic culture at CDU and the expectations of achieving a high standard of academic integrity in all their work.  The website also seeks to make transparent the university processes around investigating allegations of student breaches of academic integrity as well as the consequences and implications for students who engage in academic misconduct.

The information and resources contained in this website are divided into three sections, a section containing student focused resources, a section containing staff focused resources, and a section that links to policy, procedure and  guideline documents related to academic integrity that are relevant for both staff and students.

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