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Heading: Academic integrity

The CDU Code of Conduct (2012) outlines the values that are expected of staff and students. These include fairness, respect, integrity and professionalism, accountability, equality of opportunity and values-based leadership.  The Code provides the context for all policy and procedures relating to academic integrity.

The Academic and Scientific Misconduct Policy (Version 1.05) describes the University’s commitment to preventing and detecting misconduct.

The Students Breach of Academic Integrity Procedures (Version 1.04) describes breaches, describes the procedures to be taken if a breach of academic integrity is detected in student work. It also describes the checks and balances that ensure fair process and the points at which a student can appeal decisions made during the process.

Heading: Examinations, Assessment and Moderation

The CDU Grading Policy provides definitions and descriptions of the CDU grading scheme. The purpose of this policy is to ensure consistency in the awarding of grades across units.

The  Academic Assessment and Moderation Policy (Version 6.01) comprehensively explains the goals of assessment and strategies to achieve those goals.

The Higher Education Examination Policy (Version 4.00) relates specifically to assessment in the form of centrally organised exams.

The Higher Education Examination Procedures (Version 1.00) describes the procedures required for centrally organised exams.

The Higher Education Assessment Procedures (Version 1.02) describes and justifies unit assessment requirements to ensure the consistency, fairness and transparency of assessment procedures

Heading: Appeals

The Principles for Addressing Student Grievances Guidelines are designed to ensure the University adheres to the Code of Conduct by providing fair, equitable and accountable processes for student grievances.
The Academic Appeals Committee Terms of Reference document explains students’ right to appeal decisions made by University staff, and outlines the procedures designed to enact this right.

Academic Integrity In Research

The Authorship of Research Output Procedures (Version 1.03)  supports the principles of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code) and associated University Policies in establishing criteria and procedures regarding the appropriate assignment of authorship and thereby ensuring the integrity of collection and reporting of research outputs.
The Research Misconduct Allegation Procedures
(Version 1.02)  provides a framework for resolving allegations of deviations from the  University’s Policies that relate to the Australian Code (the Code) for the Responsible Conduct of Research and associated underlying principles, as well as the more serious allegations of Research Misconduct. These procedures outline mechanisms for responding to research misconduct allegations in a manner that ensures the fair treatment of all parties, as well as the continued integrity and professionalism of research activities of the University.


Academic Integrity