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At Charles Darwin University, students are expected to display honest, ethical and respectful practices especially when completing and submitting assessments. As a student, you are responsible for understanding what academic integrity is and what the consequences are if you face an alleged breach.

This webpage is a guide to:

  • avoiding academic misconduct before submitting an assessment
  • understanding the procedure and consequences  if there is a suspected breach of academic integrity in your submitted assessment.

The webpage also contains real-life scenarios showing the consequences where students have not followed honest, ethical and respectful assessment practices.

Heading: Tiips to prepare for your assignment

Attend Orientation week


Orientation Week ensures students are well equipped to begin their studies.


ALLSP and the Library offer workshops to help with academic writing and referencing.  These workshops will help you understand what is required at university.

Attend free ALLSP & Library workshops

Clairfy your assessment task


Your lecturer  is always willing to help clarify what is expected. ALLSP can assist with breaking down the assessment and understanding what writing convention is required. The Library will help with research and referencing.


Time management is an essential part of being a student. You should  study in a regular pattern by setting a number of hours each day.  Planning your time reduces stress about assessment deadlines. The Study Skills website provides valuable tips to help you plan.
Seek help


Obstacles can and will happen while you are studying. It is important to get help as soon as you can. If the issue is to do with your course, speak to your lecturer but for other areas,  CDU offer a number of support areas (PDF).  YourTutor is available in first year units to help with after-hours support.


Academic integrity is important. Use the assignment checklist (PDF) to ensure that  you are displaying honest, ethical and respectful behaviour.
Demonstrate academic integrity
Know how to submit your assignment in Learnline


Complete the Learnline Student Orientation Unit and work through the activities.  In this site you will find information about Learnline, the key tools and features, and you can even submit a practice assignment.

Heading: How academic misconduct is investigated

Once your assessment is submitted, the academic staff member uses a number of different methods to ensure that there is no breach of academic integrity. If there is a suspected breach, the academic staff member follows the University Procedures to determine the route to take.  The student guide is a flowchart of the CDU ‘Student Breach of Academic Procedures which will make it easier for you to understand the process,  know the rules and understand the steps you can take if you fall into this situation.

Guide to Student Breach of Academic Integrity Procedures

Heading: How real-life situations have affected students in the past

Academic Integrity is an important part of being a student.  It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the rules and consequences. The  following cartoons have been adapted from real situations at CDU and show the case and the consequences.

Episode 1: Copying another student's workEpisode 2: Writing to spice things upEpisode 3: Group work gone wrongEpisode 4: The synonym twist
Episode 1: Copy-Time Episode 2: The Write WayEpisode 3: The Collusion CaperEpisode 4: The Synonym Twist
Episode 5 The Ghost Who Writes
Episode 5: The Ghost Who Writes

Academic Integrity

Guide to Student Breach of Academic Integrity Procedures

Download the printable Guide to Student Breach of Academic Integrity (PDF 190kb)

The two web apps below are designed to help with your assignments and managing your time. 

Assignment Scheduler

Time Management Calculator