About us

Welcome to the website of the School of Academic Language and Learning (SALL).

Our location is on the first level of Blue 1 on the Casuarina campus.

The School of Academic Language and Learning was established as a one-stop-shop for students seeking academic support.

The programs of SALL aim to give students the skills, literacy and confidence to enter Higher Education and progress once at university.

There is a strong emphasis on providing students with a supportive environment in order that the significant transition students make into the world of education is successful.

Whether you are starting university, or already studying, you can access a range of information to help you at university including;

  • assignment writing
  • researching
  • critical thinking
  • note taking
  • referencing.

Our School provides academic support to students through programs such as:

We want to help students develop their skills in a supportive environment, so they can get the most out their time at university.