Enter the online collaborate workshop - step by step instructions

1. To open the online classroom, click on the button/link that has been given to you

2. Then you will see this below

3. Type in your name in the space provided (your first name is just fine).

4. Click on LOG IN

5. You will see this, click OK

6. You may see this, don't do anything, it's getting ready to give you the next set of instructions

7. You will then see this, click RUN

And it should open you up to the collaborate online classroom. Audio set up instructions can be seen in step number 7, at the botton of this page.

If you cannot open the collab file, there are instructions for you below

1. Once you have typed in your name and clicked on LOG IN, you will see this, read the instructions and click on the 2nd line that states DOWNLOAD THE BLACKBOARD COLLABORATE LAUNCHER

2You will see this. Choose whether you are using Windows or Mac from the drop down box.

3. The click DOWNLOAD

follow the directions that are given

4. You will then see this, read the instructions that are given, then click SAVE in the smaller box

5. You will then need to go to your downloads folder and find what have just downloaded, click on it. Or it might pop up for you to click on at the top or bottom of your page


6. Then you will see this, click RUN and you are ready to take part in the online classroom.

Once you are in, you will now need to set up your headset/speakers and microphone if you have one plugged in. Follow the steps as indicated in the picture

8. Follow the instructions that appear it will guide you through the listening and speaking check.

Then you should be ready.