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Drop-in consultations

Virtual drop-in for academic support using Collaborate 10am to 12pm,  Monday to Friday during semester.

Need help to see if you are on the right track? The virtual drop-in is a short online session to help with a quick overview. The sessions are hosted by Roz Rowen through Blackboard Collaborate. For more information please email Please click here to access.

Drop-in academic sessions between 1pm and 4pm - Monday, Wednesday and Friday (phone, online or on-campus) during semester.

For a quick question; no need to make an appointment email for Skype, Teams or Blackboard session or phone 1800 157 900.

The drop-in consultation service offers:

  • 20-minute consultations
  • Teams, Blackboard Collaborate, Skype and phone

T: 1800 157 900 (free-call)

Drop-in is for all students. If you phone in and there is no answer, leave your name and phone number and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Online English chat using Collaborate between 1pm and 2pm - Wednesday

To ensure you maintain your connections and to give you an opportunity to speak in English, Ellie Keegan (English Language - ALLSP) is hosting "A Chance to Chat" on Blackboard Collaborate. Please click here 

These get-togethers online will each have a general theme and we will work on language through input and correction, when and where needed.

Stay connected, share your stories and keep up your English.

*please make sure you have a working microphone

For more information please email