Introductory Academic Program (IAP)

The Introductory Academic and Embedded Program (IAEP) has been designed for CDU students to ensure a rigorous holistic learning experience and  to support students through the lifecycle of their studies. These program are developed in collaboration with the Office of International Services, School of Engineering, Office of Indigenous Student Support as well as the unit coordinators.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Prepare International, ESOL, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) and non-traditional entry pathway students for study at CDU
  • Prepare students with necessary academic skills  for their specific course
  • Assist students in transitioning into the social community at CDU
  • Help students draw on their prior educational, cultural and learning experiences to create new learning experiences
  • Deliver a student-centred approach to learning

A relationship is established with students prior to  arrival. One way is through diagnostic tests sent to students months before arrival. These tests  are a means of giving early feedback and starting a conversation with the students.

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Tailor-made intensive post-graduate academic skills program: resources and links

Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Student ProgramMaster of Environment

Preparatory workbook for students starting Masters of Environment (PDF 4.02MB).

Masters of Education (International)

Preparatory worksbook for students starting Master of Education(International) (PDF 3.9MB).

Environmental Disaster Management

Preparatory workbook for students starting Masters of Disaster Management (PDF 1.45MB).

Masters of Education

Academic writing skills workshops were held weekly for a number of months to develop Master of Education students’ skills in:

Paraphrasing, quoting and summarising (PDF 1.41MB)

Integrating these skills-includes in-text citation/referencing (PDF 756.08KB)

Editing tutorial (PDF 792.12KB)

Peer-editing workshop

Extended editing workshops

Reading to write

Master of Engineering
1Writing to avoid plagiarism(PDF 1.74MB)
2Summarising, Paraphrasing and Quoting in Engineering(PDF 1.49 MB)
3Critical Thinking(PDF 1.94MB)
4Functional Grammar in Academic Writing(PDF 2.04MB)
5Paragraphs Under Construction(PDF 2.14MB)
6Paragraphs and Sentences Under Construction(PDF 2.72MB)
7Peer-editing Language Focused(PDF 1.31MB)
8Clarity and Cohesion in Writing(PDF 972KB)
9Improving your introductions(PDF 1.29MB)
10Enginer Poster Presentations(PDF 5.24MB)
Staff Portfolios

The workshops have been conducted by the Academic Language and Learning staff who work tirelessly to develop the academic skills of all students. To discover a bit more about them their portfolios are below.


Letter from International services.

Email from lecturer regarding after program support


Janssen, A. V. & Rowen, R. (2016). Purpose, Meaning and Alignment: Dual frameworks to scaffold understanding and design of assessment to enhance the student and teacher experience. Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 10(1), pp. A191-A205.

Developing a program for the Master of Engineering Students: An Action Research Study (PDF 648KB)

Data and Feedback

All programs are evaluated constantly. The attached document is a summary of staff and student feedback received from 2015-2017.

PDF (1.29MB)