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Information for lecturers and tutors

The ALLSP team is here to give academic support to CDU's higher education students, internal and external, undergraduate and post graduate. Our aim is to help students develop their academic language and literacy skills, and positively affect the retention rate and satisfaction of students. We would like to form partnerships with academic staff across the university.

Ask us to conduct a workshop (embedded workshop, on campus & online)

If you believe that your students can benefit from a workshop in a certain area (eg. essay/report writing, task analysis), request a workshop(s) targeting this study skill area specific to the unit in collaboration with you. Embedded workshops are customised and designed to cater specifically to the students in any particular unit. They are conducted at the invitation of the lecturer/tutor. Workshops are conducted on campus and/or online, they are 1.5 hours duration, and are recorded using Collaborate.

Ask us to give a 15-minute overview of our services (on campus & online)

We can do this:

  • in the first week or two of each semester
  • in your lectures or tutorials 
  • at your staff meeting.

Inform your students of all our services early on and throughout the semester

Students will remember promotions of our services best from their lecturers, tutors and friends. Please promote our services by:

  • directing your students to the ALLSP website by putting a link to the Academic Language and Learning Success Program webpage on your assessment tasks and a link on your Learnline unit site.

Find out more about the academic support services we offer.