Make an appointment

For specific academic needs, a qualified team member is available online to provide help when you need it during your studies. You do have to book an appointment.  You can arrange a phone, Blackboard Collaborate or Skype appointment.

For more generic support, we recommend you:

You can  Request a face-to-face (Casuarina), phone, Blackboard Collaborate or Skype appointment.

Choose the right  one-on-one consultation :

Book for English Language Support

Book for Academic Support

Book English Language Support if:

  • You want to speak to an Academic English Language Tutor.
  • Your lecturer has specifically referred you for English support.

Book Academic Support if:

  • You need help understanding your assessments
  • You want to improve your academic writing

Step-by-step instructions

Booking policy

  • If you delete / cancel / change two appointments in two consecutive weeks on the days of those appointments, you will not be allowed to have appointments for two weeks from that second deleted / cancelled / changed appointment. Do not make bookings for 14 days after your two consecutive appointments. We encourage you to seek assistance by attending our study skills workshops and accessing the drop-in service.
  • You will not be able to make appointments more than seven days in advance, this is to avoid cancellations when bookings are made too far in advance.
  • Please allow a six-day gap (minimum) between your appointments. This allows you time to think about what was discussed in the previous appointment and enable you to make progress on your work before the next appointment.
  • Do not book appointments for more than two consecutive weeks, bookings ignoring this policy will be deleted. This is to ensure that all students who seek support have a fair opportunity to receive it. Please ensure 14 days of no appointments after your two consecutive appointments.


  • It is your responsibility to cancel your appointment using the booking system.
  • Cancellations within an hour of the appointment must be done via email
  • Failing to cancel appointments in a timely manner may incur restrictions on future appointments.


Don't send us your draft unless you have made an appointment in which you plan to look at the draft together with the ALLSP lecturer and discuss it. One day before your appointment or on appointment day, email us with your draft attached and with the details of your appointment in the body of the email.