Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Do you want to improve your marks, meet other students and study your unit content in a relaxed, friendly and focussed way?

If so, why not join a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)?

What is PASS?

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) are group study sessions conducted by PASS leaders – current students who have successfully completed the targeted unit.

PASS sessions are designed to maximise your understanding of the unit content, in a fun, informal environment. PASS sessions will also help you to develop study skills, as well as exam and assessment techniques specific to the unit. Students who regularly attend sessions often see a significant improvement in their results.

For information on the times and venues for sessions, see the timetable below.

PASS Leaders

PASS Leaders are current students who are trained to run weekly group study sessions. They scored a high mark in the unit they support and have a high GPA overall.

By participating in PASS, you will learn the secrets of their success while developing independent learning skills.

PASS timetable

Summer Semester, 2018

PASS Sessions Do not begin until Week 2

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PASS Sessions for ACT102 have been cancelled for Summer Semester.

Tuesday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate
Thursday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate


I'm a Literature major studying a Bachelor of Arts, this is my third degree. I graduated as a registered nurse in 2009 from QUT in Brisbane and I'm now completing my Masters of Counselling course at the same time as my Arts degree.

My best piece of study advice (from the experience of changing courses four times before finding the Arts course at CDU), is study what you are passionate about. If you're not passionate about your course, you won't have the motivation to complete your assignments.

Samantha Frederiksen.

Wednesday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate
Thursday6pm - 7pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate


I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education and hope to complete my course at the end of this semester.

I have been PASS leader for CUC107 (Cultural Intelligence and Capability) for two years, and find that the subject fits in nicely with my course specialisations – Indonesian language and English Literature.

I have been on overseas exchanges to Indonesia during my degree and have found that I have ‘lived’ much of what we learn about in CUC107. I look forward to meeting all the new participants this semester!

Lara Whitehouse.

Tuesday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate


I am studying a Bachelor of Education Graduate Entry (Primary stream). This is my third year studying part time. I have 12 months to go until I am finished! I am married with two boys aged 7 and 4.

I have been PASS leader for EMA100 for two semesters. I love seeing students go from being petrified about maths to being confident and highly successful. 

Laura Sundqvist.


Tuesday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate
Thursday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate

I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor of Psychological Science at CDU. I am interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology.

I have wanted to be a doctor since I was young. Following my experiences at medical appointments I knew that helping people mentally, instead of physically, was the right path for me. I find that with each passing semester I become even more passionate and driven to get out there and help people feel more mentally secure.

Natalie Lim.

Monday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate
Wednesday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate


I am an external student, studying part time from rural Victoria. After an extended absence from study, I completed the Tertiary Enabling Program before commencing a Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2016. I currently run external PASS sessions for 'Introduction to Psychology' A and B.

Alicia Follet.

Wednesday5.30pm - 6.30pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate


Originally from Tanzania, I feel very fortunate to be pursuing my degree in Accountancy in this wonderful tropical city.

I conduct sessions for Introduction to Accounting (ACT102) and Quantitative Analysis for Business (QAB105) internally and externally (remotely via distance learning) for those students who are studying from interstate.

Ali Dhirani.

Tuesday10am - 11amOnline via Blackboard Collaborate
Thursday7pm - 8pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate


Sowmya is in her last semester studying Bachelor of clinical sciences and would be starting medicine (Northern Territory Medical Program-NTMP) next year.  She was the PASS leader for SCH102 this semester.  She is glad to share her experiences studying SBI171 and is eager to have  enjoyable, fun and student centred PASS sessions

Tuesday5pm - 6pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate
Wednesday2pm - 3pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate
Thursday2pm - 3pmOnline via Blackboard Collaborate


I'm in my final year of the Bachelor of Nursing. I've been a teacher and educator for the past 25 years here in the NT and in WA, I'm now having a career change.

Sheri Lochner



P: (08) 8946 6197 (Monday - Wednesday)