Interested in becoming a PASS Leader?

Being a PASS leader is a crucial role in the PASS Program.

PASS leaders are trained to run hour long group study sessions for first-year students, both on campus and through the online classoom.

As a PASS leader, you will

  • develop leadership and communication skills
  • improve your knowledge of unit content
  • network with faculty members
  • help first year students achieve success.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person, as this kind of leadership experience is highly regarded by employers, and is particularly relevant if you are considering a role in education or training.

How do I apply?

You are eligible for consideration as a PASS leader if you have scored a distinction or greater in a targeted unit, and have a high grade point average.

To apply, email a concise resume and a cover letter detailing the personal qualities you can bring to the role to

For more information about the position or the program itself, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.


Nfanwy Welsh 

PASS Coordinator

T: 08 8946 6541 (Monday – Wednesday)