Step-by-step instructions to view PASS schedule and sign up for sessions

1. Click on this button to get you to the PASS session schedule


2. Click on the session who would like to attend/book your place, then you will then see this (below)

3. If this is the first time you are making a booking you will need to create a new user account. This process does not take long and you only need to do this once EVER.


4. You will then see this (below) and you will need to enter your:

i. student email account

ii. full name

iii. phone number (landline or mobile)

iv. choose your time zone so that your reminder email indicates the time of your according to where you are and not where the PASS leader is (PASS leader may be conducting it from Brisbane)

iv. Click CREATE button

5. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address soon after.

i. Go to your CDU student email account and open the email that has been sent to you.

ii. Click on the link given to you in that email in order to activate your account with ALLSP and PASS.

**If you already have created an account on this system, simply enter your student email account and click on LOG IN (below)

6. You will see the sessions for the week and future weeksi. Decide which session you would like to attend

ii. Click on the session you would like to attend

You will see a “NEW BOOKING” screen pop up (below)



8. Then you will see this (below).

Fill in your name and student number, then:

1. indicate if you are an internal or external student

2. choose which day(s) you'd like to attend for that unit (you are only able to book up to 4 weeks in advance)

3. to book you need to click CREATE BOOKING. * closing without clicking on CREATE BOOKING means that you haven't booked it.


9. You will be directed back to our weekly schedule where you will:

i. see your appointment and the message “Attendance successfully created” and/or 

ii. a red check mark on the session you've just booked into. You might need to wait a little bit. (see below)

iii. receive a prompt email in your student email account that confirms each booking you have make

10. If you would like to delete your booking(s) (because you can't attend or you have made a mistake):

i. click on the booking you would like to delete and you will see this:

ii. click on the paper and pencil symbol highlighted above and you will see this:


11. Choose the options available to you, whether to delete or update your booking(s)

The schedule page will indicate that you have successfully deleted your booking

You will receive a prompt email that confirms each appointment you make or delete.

Remember to log out of your schedule when you have finished.