Step by step instructions to make an appointment

1. Go to the appointment booking page

2. First time user: click on 'create a new user account'. Use your CDU student email address, for example, (Please note: don't forget the "students" part in your email address. Follow the instructions that appear from number 8 onwards (see below)

Past user: enter your CDU student email address,  then click on 'log in'. If you have booked an appointment or signed up for a workshop with us before, you are considered a past user and do not have to create a new user account, simply log in.

3. You will then see the appointment schedule for the week. Once you see this you need to:

  • decide which day and time is convenient for you (appointments start on the hour)
  • click on any of the available appointments when you would like to have your appointment.

Please note that green blocks = available for you to book, blue = it's already booked by someone

4. When it opens up, it will look like this. Please read all the details provided.

5. click on 'New Appointment' to book it for yourself.

6. Enter your:

  • full name
  • phone number (landline or mobile)
  • select if you would like the appointment on campus or on the phone
  • click on 'Create Appointment'.
7. You will then see this form. Fill in the details required. Then click on 'Submit'

You will be directed back to our weekly schedule where you can see your appointment with a check mark and the message "Appointment successfully created" and email address that an automatic email has been sent to confirm your appointment, with all the appointment details (date, time, place). If you do not see this, it means you have not gone through the process correctly and an appointment has not been made.


i. Click on 'Create a new user account'.

ii. Enter all your details then click 'Create'

iii. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address as soon as you have done this.

Go to your CDU student email account and open the email that has been sent to you.

iv. Click on the link given to you in that email in order to confirm your email address. If you do not do this, you will not be given access to the online schedule and will not be able to book and appointment or sign up for workshops.

v. Now that you have confirmed your email address, go back to the log in page, type in your CDU email address in full and click on 'log in' to view the schedule and book an appointment.


1. If you want to update or delete your appointment, click on the appointment you have created and you will see this (below). Click on the as circled in red (below).

2. You will see this

3. Click on appropriate button and then you will get a confirmation of your request above the schedule (below)

You will receive a prompt email that confirms each appointment you make, update or delete.