Steps to play archived recorded study skills workshops

1. Look for the workshop recording you would like to view, and click on

2. Then you will see this below, follow the directions if you do not see item listed in step 3.

2. You will then see this (below), click on it.

4. If you see this (below), ignore it, don't do anything but wait for a little bit

5. You will then see this (below), click RUN

5. This will appear and indicate that it is loading

You will need to wait a little bit for it to download.

6. Remember to click on the 'play' button at the bottom left when it opens

7. If you cannot hear any sound or you see this (below), click OK


8. You need to click TOOLS, then AUDIO, then SPEAKER SETTINGS

Then you will see this (below)

9. Then click REFRESH and select one of the devices listed there if it is not already selected, click APPLY, then OK. That should give you sound. Be sure to check your computer and headset volume controls as well.