Dr Roz Rowen

Lecturer, Academic Language and Learning Success Program

Coordinator, Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Roz Rowen is a lecturer in academic language and learning at Charles Darwin University. She is a linguist working in the fields of semantics, pragmatics and academic language and learning. Her research interests include; language and social interaction, Australian English and academic language and literacy. She is also an executive member of the Association for Academic Language and Learning (AALL).

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PhD (Griffith University)

Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Applied Linguistics (Griffith University)

Honours (First Class) in Language and Applied Linguistics (Griffith University)

Graduate Certificate University Teaching and Learning


Areas of teaching expertise

  • Pragmatics
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Academic writing

Research Bio

Roz's research areas focus primarily in the following areas:

  • Conversation Analysis
  • Membership Categorisation Analysis
  • Semantics
  • Curriculum Design
  • Student Support thresholds


Book chapters

Rowen, R. (2017). Bogan as a keyword of contemporary Australia Sociality and national discourse in Australian EnglishCultural Key Words in Australian English. In Levinson and Waters (eds,), Cultural Key Words in Discourse.   Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

 Journal publications

Rowen, R., & Haugh, M. (2017). Bogans, Lawyers and Teachers: Social category terms as locally-contingent meanings. Intercultural Pragmatics,14(3), 327-359 

Janssen, A., & Rowen, R. (2016). Purpose, Meaning and Alignment: Dual frameworks to scaffold understanding of assessment to enhance the student and teacher experience. Journal of Academic Language & Learning, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. A191-A205.

Rowen, R. (forthcoming). Bogan: Towards a Lexical Semantic Analysis. Australian Journal of Linguistics.

Rowen, R. (2010). "I Took The Mickey But Now I'll Take The Piss: The Marking of Jocular Mockery in Australian English", Griffith Working Papers in Pragmatics and Intercultural Communication, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 104-111.

 Conference publications

Janssen, A., & Rowen, R. (2015). Purpose, Meaning and Alignment: A reflective approach to scaffolding assessment to enhance the student and teacher experience. Paper to be presented at Association for Academic Language and Learning Conference, Wollongong, Australia.

Rowen, R. (2015). Why not let Bogans be bygones! Beyond ‘boganism’ as a negative cultural stereotype. How cultural identity terms are ascribed and attain meaning in interaction. Paper presented at the Australian Marketing and Social Research Conference, Sydney, Australia.

Rowen, R. (2015). The semantics of person categorisation in interaction: social category terms as locally-situated meanings. Paper presented at International Pragmatics Association Conference, Antwerp, Belgium.

Rowen, R. (2014). Towards an Interactional Semantics Framework: A case study of bogan in Australian English interaction.  Paper presented at the Australian Institute of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Rowen, R. (2013, November). Bogan 2.0: An Investigation of Bogan Using an Interactional Semantics Approach. Paper presented at the Pragmatics meets Semantics Symposium, Brisbane, Australia.

Rowen, R. (2013, September). Bogan, Wanker, Wuss. Cultural Key Words in Informal Australian English. Paper presented at the 13th International Pragmatics Association Conference, New Delhi, India.

Rowen, R. (2012, December). Shit bloke, Crumb, Nark: Negative Personal Descriptors in Australian English. Paper presented at the 43rd Australian Linguistic Society Conference, Perth, Australia.


T: 08 8946 6933
E: roz.rowen@cdu.edu.au

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School of Academic Language and Learning
Casuarina Campus
Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT, 0909