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Enrolment Information

Enrolment procedure and unit availability

Once you have accepted your offer from SATAC, you are ready to enrol.

ACIKE encourages students to enrol online. It is an easy six-step process and gives you instant confirmation of your enrolment. The process is described later in this section.

Check your course study plan

Before enrolling, please check your course study plan. This will help you with your unit selection. Your study plan can be found in the course catalogue. Enter your course code or title and click on the 'Study Plan' tab to access your study plan.

Common units

All students starting an undergraduate course are required to complete two common units in their first year of study.

These units provide you with the opportunity to:

  • develop contextual and cultural knowledge to apply to your course of study and your proposed profession. Issues relevant to the social, cultural and physical environment of the Northern Territory are examined
  • develop practical skills required for university study and assume responsibility for your learning, both within the university and beyond
  • develop graduate skills including: social responsibility, communication, critical thinking and flexibility

These units are:

For further information about common units, go to Learnline.

Unit availability

Not all units are available in all teaching periods.

When you are choosing units, it is necessary to check that the units you wish to take are available in the teaching period in which you wish to study them.

For example, some units may be available in Semester 1 but not available in Semester 2.

The availability listing of units will determine how the university offers each unit.

This listing can be found on the unit catalogue. Enter your unit code or a keyword in the search box to access the unit information.

The listing will show teaching periods (eg Semester 1), mode (eg internal, external or multi modal) and learning method (eg OL- supplementary material will be provided on-line through Learnline or PB – print-based).


Please go to timetables to access your unit and course timetables.

If you have any problems or queries regarding the timetable, use the email link facility which will send your communication directly to the Timetabling team.

Please note that the published timetable will be subject to changes, although the university will attempt to keep these to a minimum.

Changes will be updated automatically to the web and it is your responsibility to check this information periodically.

If you do not have access to the web, please contact Student Central on free call: 1800 061 963.

External units

Units of study for which the student is enrolled involve special arrangements whereby lesson materials, assignments, etc. are delivered to the student, and any associated attendance at the institution is of an incidental, irregular, special or voluntary nature.

Attendance on campus is not required. Depending on the unit, students will either be sent written material, and /or be given access to an online learning management system (Learnline).

All Higher Education units offered by ACIKE are categorised as OLR, OL, or PB. Some external units are delivered online 100 per cent of the time and have no print based materials.

These units are marked as Online Reliant (OLR). Other units are offered partially online and may have some print-based materials, for example workshops.

These are marked as Online (OL).

  • OLR Online Reliant Units identified as only OLR are 100 per cent online. Students require internet access to successfully complete this unit.
  • OL Online Units identified as only OL are partly delivered online and students will require internet to access this material.
  • PB Print Based Units identified as only PB are print based.

Students will be sent print based, or other learning materials e.g. CDs, via Australia Post to the address CDU has recorded.

To find out how a specific unit will be delivered go to the unit catalogue then enter your unit code or a keyword in the search box.

All Learnline units are made available on the first day of semester. If a unit shows both OLR and PB, the student should access Learnline on the first day of semester to start studies.

Print-based materials are supplementary, and students should not wait to begin their Learnline activities until the print based materials arrive by post.

Students enrolling in external units must submit their enrolment by the dates advised to ensure a timely dispatch of study materials.

Students who are enrolled in external units and who have not received study materials by the end of the first week of semester should contact Materials Dispatch on T: 8946 6483 without delay.

For queries regarding the following areas:

  • study materials dispatch
  • receipt and dispatch of hard copy assignments
  • Open Universities Australia students
  • external/off-campus examinations

Check Learnline
E: ess@cdu.edu.au
T: 08 8946 6483


CDU's Online learning environment is known as Learnline and includes the Learning Management System Blackboard, Wimba Classroom and Wimba Voice tools, CDU's web and media streaming servers.

Online learning is an important part of many units of study at CDU. While each unit is different, where Learnline is used you will be able to do one or more of the following:

  • view and download content, including unit outlines
  • interact with your lecturer and fellow students via a range of communication tools
  • undertake assessments and upload assignments
  • track your progress and grades join live classrooms with Wimba collaboration tools
  • listen to lecture podcasts

For help using Learnline call 1800 55 9347 (24 hour/7 days a week service), email learnlinesupport@cdu.edu.au or visit the Online Student Support Centre from the 'For Students' tab located at http://online.cdu.edu.au or ACIKE equivalent.