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ACIKE PTS students

Alison Nannup - PTS Graduate and Bachelor of Indigenous Languages & Linguistics student

Alison Nannup - ACIKE student

Learning about both-ways really stood out for me.  At school I kept my culture to myself as I was scared of being judged.  In PTS I fitted in and with the both-ways approach I was encouraged to share and it was like my knowledge was unlocked from within me.  The oral presentations helped to draw out my cultural knowledge; using that tradition of verbal communication and story-telling I believe.

I always wanted to go to uni but I didn’t know what I wanted to study, I didn’t know where my passion was.   I started going to Noongar language classes and I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  I had really hit a brick wall.

I’ve finished PTS and now I’m studying the Bachelor of Indigenous Language and Linguistics which feels awesome to be finally working towards my dream.  I’m not thinking about how long it will take; I’m just concentrating on the end when it will all be worth it.  I keep thinking about graduation day and how the dancers lead all the graduates out – I have that visual in my head.

Jeffrey James - PTS Graduate and Bachelor of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advocacy (BATSIA) student

Jeffrey James - ACIKE studentI wanted to get my skills up to go to uni as I didn’t finish Year 12. I didn’t know what an essay was.  Starting PTS I was scared.  It was the first time I had travelled by myself and it was my first time out of Queensland.

I kept going with PTS because I wanted to challenge myself and see how far I could go.  I liked the environment at Batchelor.  I can ask lecturers questions and people don’t talk down to me.  It’s a safe environment for us Indigenous students.  During PTS I have learnt the academic skills like how to write an essay and how to reference but I’ve also learnt social skills and that’s made a really big difference in my life.  I always used to be the shy one but now I stand up for myself.  Even back home now I am full of confidence in myself, with other people and also with my study.

I started the BATSIA degree in March 2013.  It’s been great but I’ve decided to change to the Bachelor of Indigenous Languages & Linguistics (BILL) in 2014.  I want to become an expert in my father’s Meriam language.  I really don’t want to lose the language as keeping it is important for staying strong in my identity. The first years of the BATSIA and BILL degrees are the same so there’s no problem with me changing.

Jess Matuchet - PTS Graduate and Bachelor of Health Science student

Jess Matuchet - ACIKE student

PTS is definitely a course that all Aboriginal people, whether young or old, should look into. You may have an idea about what you want to do at Uni but did not get good enough grades to go there straight away. Or like me you may not even know what you want to do but want to try something new. If you take the same chance I did you will not be disappointed. It is hard work but at the same time there is so much support there and you get to meet new people from all over the country.

I think it was during my third trip for PTS that I figured out what it was I wanted to study at University. I’ve always liked working with people and would like to someday make a difference to somebody’s life. I think being out in Alice Springs and seeing how culturally different they live compared to me, even though we are all Aboriginal, it just pushed me into the field of study I’m in now. I’ve always been interested in medicine, but without all the gory stuff! So after talking to co-ordinators and lecturers and doing the Discipline Inquiry unit I decided I wanted to get into health promotion, and particularly in rural Aboriginal communities across Australia.

Being able to help my people in recognising diseases and how to live in a more healthy way is important. I would love to use my knowledge and one-day work in programs that are directly aimed at the importance of health promotion.

Ceah David - PTS Graduate and Bachelor of Nursing student

Ceah David - ACIKE studentA flyer about the ACIKE course came through my work.  I liked the sound of the ACIKE Nursing course so I applied straight away.  The Academic Advisors told me that I would need to do the PTS course first.  I think that was the best thing for me because of what PTS gave me.

PTS helped me to build on my existing knowledge.  I increased my skills especially in how to research – PTS really showed us how to do things, not just saying you need to do it.  PTS also gave me more confidence about how to do assignments.  I learned how to do things correctly, for example how to start an assignment, what to do first.  Now I know I can do it.  I can take on any new topic believing that I am capable.  Before PTS I used to get nervous about whether I could do it, but not anymore.

I’ve had a few goes at uni but I’m on the right track now with the Bachelor of Nursing through ACIKE.  I like the challenge of uni especially the discussions we have during workshops.  I find the ACIKE model of learning with other Indigenous students that there is not too much judging of others' opinions and beliefs; there’s more acceptance of different viewpoints.  When I was doing Nursing in a mainstream context I did find it intimidating and I felt like I had no say.  With ACIKE I feel comfortable to speak my mind.