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As an Alumnus of CDU you are a member of a growing group of highly regarded professionals. CDU Alumni are an important part of our University community, helping CDU grow in stature and reputation. Comprised of graduates, current and former staff, as well as friends of the University,

CDU Alumni are changing the world; connect today, support the University and enjoy the benefits.

Becoming an Alumni

If you wish to keep up to date with all the CDU Alumni news and events, as well as take advantage of all the benefits that being a CDU Alumni gives you, head to the membership webform and register your details to become an alumni.

Updating your details

Here at CDU, we understand you may change your phone number or an email address, or prehaps you have moved houses or interstate. Head to the membership webform and update your details as a current Alumnus.

Help find lost Alumni

CDU Alumni are all over the world, and it's hard for us to keep up with everyone! We encourage past students to reconnect with CDU to stay in touch with fellow graduates and to be involved in the life and growth of the University.

Get in touch with the CDU Alumni team if you know someone who would like to be contacted.

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