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Brionee Noonan

"Indigenous lecturers were important for me..."

Brionee Noonam

From a young age Brionee was drawn to social justice issues; she wanted to empower people and help them find their voice. As a law student, she was interested in why the law works as it does: how it is developed and ultimately enforced. She wanted to explore ways she could change the law to benefit Aboriginal people.

Brionee completed her Graduate Diploma of Indigenous Policy Development with Australian Centre for Indigenous Knowledges & Education (ACIKE) based at CDU.

Brionee says she chose CDU, “because it was the only university that had courses on Indigenous knowledge’s and policy with Indigenous lecturers delivering the course. This was very important for me.”

As part of the NT Government Cadetship Program Brionee also had the opportunity to work in the Department of Chief Minister under the guidance of another CDU alumnus Jason Schoolmeester, Executive Director of Major Projects.

Brionee was admitted as a legal practitioner to the Supreme Court of the NT in April 2011.

She currently works as the Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the Northern Territory Coordinator. She drafts submissions to the Australian and NT governments on a wide range of issues that affect Aboriginal people in the Territory such as domestic and family violence, education and alcohol.

Brionee feels she has much to offer and is exploring opportunities to be a mentor at CDU. She looks forward to giving back to her community.