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A talk by Dr Keller Kopf

CDU Art Gallery public program
Presenter CDU Art Gallery
Contact person
Eileen Lim
T: 8946 6621 E:
Location Chancellery, Building Orange 12, ground floor, Casuarina Campus
Open to Public


Join Dr Keller Kopf, Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Ecology at CDU, as he discusses the unnatural history of freshwater and marine ecosystem change with a focus on fish and fisheries. Find out more about the role of natural history collections, photographs and new technology, such as satellite tracking devices, in supporting fish conservation management.

Dr Keller Kopf is a Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Ecology at Charles Darwin University. His research focuses on the ecology, conservation and management of rivers, wetlands and marine environments with particular focus on fish and fisheries. He is originally from the United States and has been doing research on freshwater and marine fish and fisheries in North America, New Zealand and Australia for the last 20 years.

This is an image of a caught green sawfish
Image: Large old animals like this freshwater sawfish (Pristis pristis) are extremely rare but were historically widespread and provided important ecological functions,


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