Public programs - Salon des Refusés, 2016

Public Programs - Salon des Refusés, 2016

Public Programs - Salon des Refusés, 2016

Ramble and amble at Salon des Refusés, 2016

Saturday 6 August at 3 – 5pm

Visit the CDU Art Gallery for an afternoon of rambling and ambling with Professor John Carty and Mr Robert Fielding. Stroll through Salon des Refusés, 2016 and hear their insights about the art on display. John Carty researches, writes and curates exhibitions of contemporary Aboriginal art and material culture. He is the Head of Anthropology at the South Australian Museum and Professor of Anthropology at the University of Adelaide. Robert Fielding is an artist from Mimili Maku Arts. He was the winner of the Works on Paper Award, 2015 at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.

Public Programs - Salon des Refusés, 2016, Professor John Carty & Mr Robert Fielding

CDU Art Forum floor-talk

Thursday 11 August at 12noon – 1pm

Matt Ward and Paul Johnstone will present an informative floor-talk about Salon16, as well as some behind-the-scenes anecdotes of mounting the Salon des Refusés for the fourth year. Featuring art rejected for selection by the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award selection process, Salon des Refusés, 2016 features 61 works of art including bark paintings, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, fibre art and even a 3D visual experience! According to Matt and Paul: ‘Salon16 will be the best Salon des Refusés to date!’

Public Programs - Salon des Refusés, 2016, Matt Ward & Paul Johnstone

Not hung up! The history of the Salon des Refusés

Wednesday 21 September 4.30 – 6pm

Dr Wendy Garden, Curator of Australian Art, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory will talk about the history of success, rejection and scandal that surrounds art prizes dating back to the Paris Salon of 1863 and the popularity of the Salon des Refusés (or ‘exhibition of rejects’). When the jury for the Paris Salon rejected two-thirds of the paintings submitted they unwittingly initiated an alternative exhibition under the title Salon des Refusés. Since 1994 in Australia, art not selected for the well-known Archibald Prize competes to be featured in the Bald Archy Prize. For the fourth year, the popular Salon des Refusés features artworks not selected for the prestigious National and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Art Award. Viva the salon hang! Refreshments will be served.

Public Programs - Salon des Refusés, 2016, Dr Wendy Garden

Public Programs - Salon des Refusés, 2016

Salon des Refusés, 2016

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