Yellow Chat Project

Yellow Chat ProjectWould that we could fly and sing forever 

Chips Mackinolty
Inkjet on 300gsm paper

Chips Mackinolty has generously offered to donate income generated from the sale of this print to support Robin Leppitt’s fieldwork research and the CDU Art Gallery.  The prints are available in the following sizes:

30 x 30 cm (edition of 29) at $180 each (postage extra)
45 x 45 cm (edition of 19) at $250 each (postage extra)
90 x 90 cm (edition of 11) at $880 each (postage extra)

To order prints on line please contact:

T: 08 8946 6621

To reinforce the vulnerability of endangered bird species in the Top End, Darwin artist Chips Mackinolty created Would that we could fly and sing forever – his rendition of the Yellow Chat sub-species, (Epthianura crocea tunneyi).  Mackinolty drew inspiration for Would that we could fly and sing forever from a photograph of this rarely sighted bird taken by Micha V. Jackson.

The Yellow chat (Epthianura crocea) is a small passerine, or perching, bird endemic to Australia.  The East Alligator River and Adelaide River floodplains of the Northern Territory are habitats of the Epthianura crocea tunneyi. Another sub-species known as the Capricorn Yellow Chat, (Epthianura crocea macgregori), is located in the coastal areas of central Queensland. Both sub-species are endangered. 

In the Northern Territory the Yellow Chat is severely endangered due to threats to its habitat – including fire regimes, habitat destruction, feral pigs, and water buffalo. It has been claimed by ornithologist, Dr Gillian Ainsworth, ‘Recent surveys indicate the population in Kakadu is crashing.’ Fortunately CDU PhD candidate, Robin Leppitt has commenced his doctorate research in 2016. Robin will undertake environmental monitoring to assess the status of this endangered sub-species in the NT which will hopefully lead to habitat management plans that will assist the Yellow Chat to survive.

Mackinolty, created Would that we could fly and sing forever in Palermo, Sicily, where he is temporarily residing. Would that we could fly and sing forever was exhibited in Palermo under the Italian title Vorremmo poter volare e cantare per sempre. The grid placed on the image references the tiles and mosaic work for which Palermo is internationally renowned. 

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