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Find motivation and success through coaching

All participants can access free coaching as part of Team Aspire.

The Aspire team are trained in the Coaching Young People For Success program, that draws on powerful strategies from Positive Psychology and Hope Theory.

This is an evidenced-based program that focuses on understanding what makes individuals and communities thrive and flourish. Aspire supports students to create meaningful goals and guide them through cycles of self-directed learning to successfully achieve them.

What to expect?

Through this online coaching course, you will have the opportunity to take a life audit. Whether you know exactly what you want to do with your life or have no idea, this coaching course is for you. With your coach, you will work through a series of activities that will boost your self-awareness and confidence. You’ll walk away with some clear goals and a solid plan on how to get there.

Who are we?

CYPFS was developed by a team of counsellors and educators who can confidently coach young people to achieve greater wellbeing and performance in all areas of their life, career or study. CYPFS provide training to staff to enable them to confidently deliver the modules of the program.    

How does it work?

In Year 11, Team Aspire students commence the My Life & Career Pathway Plan in a group coaching session. They then have a one-on-one coaching session in the second half of Year 11. In Year 12, Team Aspire students will have five coaching sessions with a coach who has been assigned to them to continue exploring future pathways.