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Testimonials for short courses

See comments from previous participants on our range of short courses.

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"The presenter was extremely knowledgeable on the subject. I enjoyed listening to the presenter's practical examples from life." Annette Cupo, October 2014.

"Thanks so much for the past 3 days, Christine (Course Coordinator) and Steve (facilitator). It was a great course, good food and good company." Lesley Woolf, April 2015.

Karina McLeod
Karina McLeod

"The facilitator was very engaging, energetic and made sure everyone was included. Fantastic venue and facilities. The interaction and personal experiences made the material relevant." Karina McLeod, March 2014.

"Couldn't find fault with the facilitator" Monique Jensen, March 2014.

"I felt so excited when I left the course yesterday and couldn’t wait to get started on implementing changes in my professional and personal life. I now have a greater understanding of my own self, my actions, re-actions, attitude and motivation. I have a whole new set of life skills which have already had an immediate effect on my relationships." Lesly Dudley, March 2015.

"The trainer's enthusiasm was really great and positive. She kept everyone alive since 8:30 to 4:00. I have learned lot of positive things and it will assist me in dealing with difficult behaviour. One of the most useful courses I have ever done in this year. I would happily recommend your courses to everyone working in local authorities." Nitika Sapra, March 2015.

"The course “Building the Best You” was fantastic!!!!! Mahongo was great at presenting the course. The course gave me more insight into how attitudes from others including our own can affect others around us at home and in the work place. It also showed me how some words are negative in certain contexts and become obligations when really they can be turned around to be limits by using certain wording. I loved the course and would recommend to others who need to build their self-esteem at home and work." Tracey Castine, March 2015.

"This was probably one of the best courses I have attended and I think it had a lot to do with the presenter, Mahongo. Mohongo was very motivated and enthusiastic. She kept all attendees engaged throughout the day. I left feeling confident and motivated that I could make some changes in my life. I would definitely attend another short course presented by Mahongo." Charmane Sinapius, March 2015.

“Through my current and past employment, I felt privileged to have been given the opportunity to attend and undergo numerous seminars, workshops and short courses to enhance my skills. Majority of these have contributed to my performance. Nothing in particular has dramatically shifted my way of thinking and perception of life in general until I attended the ‘Building the Best YOU’ course, facilitated by someone who I can honestly regard as exhilarating, enthusiastic and genuinely excited about what she’s trying to convey to her captured audience.” Elizabeth Crystal, March 2015.

Jill Naylor
Jill Naylor

"The course was a good length and a comfortable pace. The facilitator made me feel comfortable and included in the group." Jill Naylor, November 2014.

"The course was well paced and I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the group work and the group dynamic was good." Jo Nicol, November 2014.

"The facilitator was a legend. I liked how I could use what I learnt in everyday situations." Rita Tomlins, March 2014.

The facilitator was lovely and presented the course well. I really liked how we started the day with an ice-breaker!" Lily Andrews, March 2014.

Nicole Tannos
Nicole Tannos

"The facilitator was very approachable and easy to understand." Nicole Tannos, April 2014.

"I liked that there were resources to take home to assist in the future" Eury-Jane Butler, April 2014.

Helen Rysavy
Helen Rysavy

"The facilitator was fantastic." Helen Rysavy, April 2014.

"Excellent Presenter. I gained new knowledge. I enjoyed learning mind mapping" Jenny Henwood, April 2014.

"I liked the learning materials." Christina Reynold, April 2014.

"I enjoyed the activities." Winnie Liu, April 2014.

"The two day 'Effective Business Writing Course' (that Gail Davidson facilitated) at CDU was the best course I have attended. The clincher for me was being able to put into practice in the computer lab all that we had learnt on the first day. I am so glad that the facilitator (Gail) did not painstakingly go through the whole book." Moe Valentine, November 2015

"The facilitator, Sharon McGregor, had a proper understanding of the subject. Good interaction." David Richards, June 2014.

"The facilitator was excellent." Scott Tolhurst, June 2014.

"I enjoyed the relaxing learning environment." Rita Roberts, June 2014.

"I enjoyed everything about the course!" Tahnee Farrows, June 2014.

"It was fun!" Jade Rogers, June 2014.

"The presenter definitely had a great understanding of the subject and facilitated it excellently. It was aimed at my position. The facilitator listened to my scenarios and gave relevant input." Sharon Lane, October 2014.

"It was great. I gained knowledge and skills that I will implement in my workplace. It was interactive. We had great discussions." Jocelyn Dhu, October 2014.


Wendy McClellan
Wendy McClellan

"Informal but informative." Wendy McClellan, June 2014.

"The written Materials were very helpful. Venue was comfortable and the lecturer very knowledgeable." Tracey Hehir, June 2014.

"The instructors were very knowledgeable." Douglas English, June 2014.

"I wanted to pass on my thanks for this facilitated course - Leading with Emotional Intelligence. She was an excellent trainer. I found her to be professional, engaging, adaptive, inclusive of a diverse group of participants, efficient and time aware. The course was relevant to my workplace and also in a much bigger life context. I left with skills, knowledge, a feeling of connection with other participants and an appreciation of having spent a day learning with and from Mahongo." Jen Eddy, March 2015.

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a great deal out of it, I was way out of my comfort zone and have taken a lot on board as to what I can do differently. Could have done with this training 20yrs ago! I found the facilitator just brilliant. Excellent course content and even better delivery". Brad Cooper, November 2016.

Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith

"The module was very engaging. I enjoyed the lecturer/student interaction and practical exercises; it really helped cement the new skills we were learning, ensuring they could be called upon when required in the workplace." Benjamin Smith, November 2014.

"Very hands on, lots of room to play around and experiment. Concepts were all straight forward and well presented. Knowledgeable facilitator. Gave good and interesting examples. No-one got left behind." Josh Herchenroeder, February 2014.

Rene Prosser
Rene Prosser

"Easy to understand and follow." Rene Prosser, May 2014.

"Well presented." Erica Luchick, May 2014.

"Extremely well delivered course. I have a fair understanding of how Microsoft project helps companies in executing the project work and the benefits. The lecturer was outstanding, thorough and explained the course content methodically. The information pack was very helpful. It's worth spending money and time for such a course. I would recommend others to attend the course." Annette Cupo, December 2014.

"I liked how much detail the course went into." Kylie Jones, February 2014.

Zoe Mure
Zoe Mure

"The facilitator was excellent at keeping the group interested. The work booklet is a great resource for future reference. I enjoyed that there was lots of group discussion." Zoe Mure, November 2014.

Shianne Hendry
Shianne Hendry

"Hearing comments from the other learners was really great, it enabled me to assess my role and improve. I liked confirming the specifics of my position as well as the other attendees' comments and stories." Shianne Hendry, September 2014.

"The information was relevant to my position and I could easily apply the methods learnt." Sarah Watkins, April 2014.

"The course was easy to follow and understand. The content was explained clearly." Carol Pickard, April 2014.

"The course was interactive (for example, the group work), but there is also time for thinking and writing. The resources provided were good and useful for future reference." Jamie Wein, April 2014.

"The facilitator was engaging, used plenty of examples and stories, and enabled the group to provide examples. I liked how we addressed what we were most interested in first and that the facilitator still kept it in the most logical format. The course covered a range of topics and was easy to understand." Jessica Loder, April 2014.

"Experienced presenter had a good understanding of the topic." Meghann Berry, April 2014.

"Karen Schwenke delivered a two-day workshop on Writing a Successful Business Case, guiding participants through the process of creating of business case.  Course content was drawn from a good balance of theory, research and Karen’s well-grounded wealth of relevant experience. Karen has an engaging and inclusive teaching style, cognisant of adult learning principles, providing through an excellent mix of practical application, theory and example. By encouraging participants to prepare a Business Case relevant to their own work area, Karen’s instruction had immediate application that was further enhanced through her astute commentary, observations and advice.  The course structure was procedurally-based and the pacing and presentation of her delivery was sensitive to the range of participants. Material provided by Karen was excellent, reusable and included a useful range of additional reference material. In summary, I thoroughly recommend Karen as a trainer and the Writing a Successful Business Case workshop: course content was excellent, practical and well-delivered." Kevin Thomas, February 2016.