Precincts and buildings

Precinct colours

buildingEach precinct area has been allocated a colour for quick and easy identification.

This method of identification is logical and beneficial for a broad range of demographic and language types to ensure its ease of understanding.

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Building names and building identification

Each building on Casuarina campus has been allocated a buildingcolour according to its precinct and a number (e.g. Red 1, Orange 5).

Building numbers are determined in a logical manner to ensure easy orientation across campus and within precincts.

Certain buildings have proper names in addition to a colour and building number. In such instances the building colour, number and name will be represented on all signage. Existing buildings treated in this manner include the Library, Mal buildingNairn Auditorium and the University Theatre.

All internal rooms are identified according to their building level and new room identification number.

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