Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Anthony D'Orival
Anthony D'Orival
Team Leader

The Information and Communication Technology team can give you all the tools necessary for your future career in IT or library studies.

Courses delivered by the team:

Information Technology

The team offers information technology courses covering hardware installation, networking, web development, and a variety of other subjects aimed at equipping you for the job market.

  • Certificate I: basic office administrative computer skills, home computer use
  • Certificate II: entry level IT support, entry level computer shop technician, intermediate level office administrative computer skills
  • Certificate III:  IT support, computer hardware technician (computer shop), entry level web developer, entry level network administrator, hardware installation
  • Certificate IV: IT support, computer hardware technician, web developer, network administrator, hardware installation

Library Studies

Library studies courses are available in Certificate III level. These courses cover a broad range of skills including, but not limited to, customer service, communication, problem solving, and technical aspects of library work.

  • Certificate III: library administrative assistant, library assistant

The team take a holistic approach to content delivery ensuring all students have exposure to many areas of the IT and library studies industries.

Contact the team:

Team Leader: Anthony D’Orival
T: 08 8946 6282
E: anthony.d’

Customer Service Officer
T: 08 8946 7522