Faculty contacts

Staff memberPhoneEmailLocation

Mr Ashar Ehsan
Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor - Vocational Education and Training

08 8946 6130ashar.ehsan@du.edu.auCasuarina campus

Mrs Joan Jones
Executive Assistant to the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Vocational Education and Training

08 8946 6134

joan.jones@cdu.edu.auCasuarina campus

Mrs Kim Hawkins
Executive Director VET Education Innovation

08 8946 6010

kim.hawkins@cdu.edu.auCasuarina campus
Ms Jacelyn Montero
Acting Executive Director VET Strategy and Operations

08 8946 7532jacelyn.montero@cdu.edu.auCasuarina campus
Ms Abbey Murray
VET Executive Officer
08 8946 6475abbey.murray@cdu.edu.auCasuarina campus

Mr Danie Luttig
Head of School - Primary Industries and Director of Katherine Region 

08 8946 7865danie.luttig@cdu.edu.auCasuarina campus

Dr Richard Bowen
Head of School -  VET Community and Children's Services, English Language, Literacy and Numeracy

08 8946 6255

richard.bowen@cdu.edu.auCasuarina campus

Mr Bharat Desai
Head of School -  Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industries  

08 8946 7844

bharat.desai@cdu.edu.auPalmerston campus

Mr Kelly McCarthy
Acting Head of School - Trades

08 8959 5281

kelly.mccarthy@cdu.edu.auAlice Springs campus