Industry Schools contacts

School of Tourism, Hospitality and Service IndustriesAdministrative Leader08 8946 7839
TradesAdministrative Leader08 8946 7091
Community & Children's ServicesAdministrative Leader08 8959 5201
Primary IndustriesAdministrative Leader08 8973 8340
School of Tourism, Hospitality and Services Industries
Culinary Arts

Customer Service Officer08 8946
Information & Communication TechnologyCustomer Service Officer08 8946
Hair, Beauty & Retail
Customer Service Officer08 8946
Tourism and Hospitality (Central)
Customer Service Officer (Alice Springs)08 8959
Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation
Customer Service Officer (Palmerston)08 8946
Automotive and Civil
Customer Service Officer08 8946
Building TechnologyCustomer Service Officer08 8946
ElectrotechnologyCustomer Service Officer08 8946    
Metal Trades and Maritime
Customer Service Officer08 8946
Trades (Central)Customer Service Officer (Alice Springs)08 8959
Community and Children's Services
Community Services and Allied Health

Customer Service Officer08 8946
Children's Services and Education Support
Customer Service Officer08 8946
English Language, Literacy and NumeracyCustomer Service Officer 08 8946
Primary Industries
Conservation and Land Management 

Customer Service Officer08 8946
Agriculture and Rural Operations
Customer Service Officer08 8946
HorticultureCustomer Sservice Officer08 8946             

Maritime and Seafood

Customer Service Officer08 8946 
VET Creative Arts
VET Creative ArtsCustomer Service Officer08 8946
VET Business 
VET Business - Darwin Top EndCustomer Service Officer08 8946
VET Business – CentralCustomer Service Officer (Alice Springs)08 8959

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