Learner Support Services (LSS)

Information for Employers and Agencies

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is dedicated to assisting students to receive the best training, successfully complete their VET course and learn as much as possible during their studies.

To help the students, CDU has other Lecturers who will help the students with reading, writing (literacy) and maths (numeracy) during their studies.

Problems with these areas can sometimes make it very hard and frustrating for students. Sadly, on occasion some students have found it so difficult that they drop out of the course.

The Learner Support Service (LSS) is a team of VET Lecturers who work closely with students to identify their literacy and numeracy issues and work  out learning strategies to overcome them so that they can progress and achieve their study goals.

Why is Learner Support needed?

Here are some reasons why it helps;

  • some people haven't studied for a while and need to 'brush up' on their skills, especially maths and reading to find information
  • tt can make it a lot harder when students have to deal with literacy and numeracy problems when they also have a lot of course content to work through
  • some course units are harder than others
  • some students may not have learnt some of the required maths concepts and reading techniques when they were at school.

What we aim to do

  • Help make sure that students have the best chance of completing their VET course on time and don't have to get extensions on assignments or repeat any training.
  • Meet with the student before they start their study to assess their literacy and numeracy skills as they relate to the course requirements.
  • Help students while they are studying by providing in-class support for both students and the Lecturer.
  • Make sure that students don't get held up doing their theory book work because they are having difficulty with literacy or numeracy.
  • Help students get a better understanding of the course content and have more time to develop their practical skills and knowledge.
  • Take some pressure off the VET Lecturer so he/she can spend more time teaching course content and the concepts and skills required.
  • Help the students improve their literacy and numeracy skills for life as they work through the course.
  • Make it a lot less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

Working together to help the student

LSS works together with all 'parties' involved with the student to ensure that the student receives the best possible support. By communicating and working together before, during, and right through to course completion, we can continue to monitor students progress and work towards successful outcomes.

The sort of 'parties' involved can include;

  • Students
  • Lecturers
  • Career Officers and Training Consultants
  • Indigenous student support services
  • Employers
  • Employment and Government agencies
  • Apprentice training groups
  • Other CDU Support and Equity Services

Download the Learner Support Service Information for employers and agencies (pdf 3.3mb)

For further information about the Learner Support Service or information about how we can help, please contact the LSS Coordinator.

Brendan Reid
Coordinator, Learner Support Services
T. +61 8 8946 7051
M. +61 0459 810 313
E. brendan.reid@cdu.edu.au
W. www.cdu.edu.au