Students being assisted in class

Learner Support Services (LSS)

Our aim is to:

  • help make sure that students have the best chance of completing their VET course on time and don't have to get extensions on assignments or repeat any training
  • help students continue to build on literacy and numeracy skills and strategies as they work through the course
  • see that students don't get held up doing the theory because they are having difficulty with literacy or numeracy
  • help students get a better understanding of the course key concepts and skills in the course
  • take some pressure off the Lecturer so he/she has more time to teach those concepts and skills and pass on their expertise
  • make it a lot less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

How Learner Support Services work

Out of class Learner Support can be organised but the focus will always be on your course material. The Learner Support lecturer can give you tips, strategies and advice on how to do things more easily and efficiently.

Learner Support Services are put into practice in several ways:

  • The Learner Support lecturer may come into the class or tutorial to assist the whole class as they work through the course material
  • A lecturer may ask for support on behalf of a student
  • A student may ask for support directly

About Learner Support

  • LS is available to you anytime through your course if and when you need it
  • LS is free and non-assessable
  • There is no shame involved and no one gets singled out in class
  • Small group LS out of class is also available
  • We learn the course content with you so we understand the challenges you face, this also helps us to continue to find new ways to make your study easier
  • The majority of students who have used Learner Support have found it to be very useful in helping them to achieve their study goals

Download the Learner Support for Students (PDF 3.3mb)

Feel free to contact Learner Support if you have any questions or want to organise some support.

Building Purple 7 (Download Map)
T: 08 8946 7051

Alice Springs
T: 08 8959 5276