The Internet of Things

19 July 2017

Meet our Zumo32U4 Robot

Growing our OOP with Zumo and Raspberry Pi-The Internet of Things (IOT) is well and truly upon us!

What is it and where are we going with it?

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language model organized around objects rather than "actions" and data rather than logic. Languages can include Python, Java, C++ and Ruby.  Evolving this rather specialised unit (ICTPRG301) into something that would add an air of excitement for the students took many long hours of extra work by our dedicated lectures both here in Darwin and Alice Springs.  Great programmers are passionate about their work and this passion has been contrived into our latest offering.

Programming using Python via small single board computers known as Raspberry Pis, powered by portable power banks and previewed with our first group of students this term ( in Alice Springs, Palmerston and Darwin) it has proven to be a smash hit, well no smashing yet as the students must create their own collision avoidance program.   Lecturer Bob Dewhurst from Alice Springs campus says “this has challenged and enthused the students,  using the Zumo32U4 Robot with Python programming,  gives the students tangible and fun outcomes in a creative learning environment”

Writtent by: Mandy Kirkland - VET Lecturer Workplace Assessor Information Technology - School of Service Industries