20 April 2018

VET CSO PD 2018 Casuarina

VET Customer Service Officers attending PD at Casuarina Campus

This year two special PD days was conducted for the VET Customer Service Officer's.

The first PD day was held on Wednesday 31 January 2018 @ Casuarina Campus facilitated by the VET Support Group from the Casuarina office. There were 45 attendees on the day.

For staff in the Central region, the PD Day was held on Friday 2 February 2018 @ Alice Springs Campus, facilitated by James Justo and Rita Steller from the VSO Team.  Thirteen CSOs attended. Some sessions were done via video-conference from Casuarina to Alice Springs.

Invited Guest Speakers and Topics covered from areas within CDU.

Financial Services Team
Min Chu – VET Management Accountant
Gareth McGrath – Financial Accountant
Robyn Woods – Assets Officer
Helen Mearns – Senior Procurement Officer
Gerard Reid – Business Systems Analyst
Topics covered: Financial Services, udpates and changes at CDU.

Sylvia Streichhan – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Manager, Marketing (Casuarina only)
Topics covered: What is CRM? Benefits of CRM, Customisation

Sylvia Klonaris – VET Staff Coordinator
Topics covered: VET Casual Employment Process and new staff induction process

Wendy Ludwig – Director of Operations – Indigenous Leadership and Jessica Procak – Assistant Manager Indigenous Grants
Topics covered:  Overview of CDU Commitment, AFB, Indigenous Academic Support Unit and what they do?

Lyle Mellors – Director, Central Australia Region (Alice Springs only) 
Topic covered:  VET for Secondary Students

VET Support Group Members delivered presentations on:
What does the VET Support Unit do?
Standards for RTOs 2015 and Compliance
AVETMISS Reporting
Online Enrolments
Learner Support
VET Student Loans

Feedback from the survey conducted from those who attended had agreed that the objectives were highly met and participants found all topics informative and useful in their roles. It was a great opportunity to be all in the same room and kept up to date with all the changes and processes in VET at CDU.

3 Words to summarise the day:  funny, insightful and networking

by: Douglas Graetz, Senior Customer Service Manager

Douglas Graetz with VET CSO