Welcome - Kristen Sierke

19 December 2018

Kristen Sierke

Kristen Sierke, VET Lecturer Tourism & Guiding

Began as the role as the VET Development Officer - Tourism & Guiding in April. The major focus of the job role is to proudly administer the Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides course with remote delivery of guiding courses to communities and schools in Arnhem Land.  I began my career in guiding with taking nightly Penguin Tours near my home town in South Australia. Over the course of my career I have been a Parks Australia Interpretive Ranger for Kakadu National Park, a high school teacher, a NTPWC Ranger at Nitmiluk National Park, and been involved as Lecturer, Marine Biologist and Expedition Leader on Expedition style cruise ships and vessels on the Great Barrier Reef, Cape York, the Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, and Melanesia. Some of the career highlights include nesting Flatback turtle monitoring, catching my first Saltwater Crocodile (an angry 3.7 metre), and living and working in amazing places all over Australia and, with any extra spare time spent exploring the globe.

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