Primary Industries

The School of Primary Industries sits within the VET Sector of Charles Darwin University. There are five teams, within the school, that cover training in Agriculture, Conservation Land Management, Horticulture and Maritime.

Teams within the School of Primary Industries are:

These Teams provide nationally recognised accredited training that contributes to the University achieving its vision of being a thriving and innovative university, which recognises and utilises its unique geography and demography, for the benefit of the whole community through education, research and community engagement.

The staff are committed to strong contact with industry to ensure training is current, outcomes are relevant to industry and to also provide advice to industry on current assessment methodologies.  The operations of the School are driven by the principles of continuous improvement, best practice and innovation.

Teams are based in specific geographic locations, but may be able to deliver anywhere in the Northern Territory depending on the area of study and the method you wish to study. Courses may be offered internally, externally or as mixed mode.

The School of Primary Industries aims to share best practice and works towards maintaining consistency within the University.


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