Conservation and Land Management (Top End)

Conservation and Land Management (Top End)

The Conservation and Land Management (Top End) team delivers a range of internal classes and undertakes both training and/or workplace assessment within industry or on remote communities.

Lower level certificates are practical based and students undertake a range of field activities to compliment their classroom theory.

Certificate IV and diploma students are expected to undertake more individual self-paced study and conduct field activities with tutorial support.

Workplace assessment and remote training is conducted throughout the Top End. Students may be engaged in a wide range of work activities and either participate in training or demonstrate skills and knowledge already held.

Credit application for recognition of previous training and/or experience held is available to all students.

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Contact the team

Team Leader: Casey Hawkey
T: 08 8946 7809

Customer Service Officer: Karen Davey
T: 08 8946 7511


Campus: Casuarina