Recognition of Prior Learning

Are you thinking about studying a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course at CDU? If you've ever studied or completed training, you might be entitled to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

What is RPL?

RPL is specific to VET students and is the process by which your existing skills, knowledge and experience gained throughout your life – regardless of how they have been acquired – are recognised towards the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification or competency.

These existing skills may have been obtained:

  • from work experience
  • from voluntary work
  • while at school
  • from life experience
  • from sporting experience.

Please note: if you're studying a Higher Education course, please go to Advanced standing to learn about your credit transfer options.

What can I get from RPL?

RPL can result in the awarding of nationally recognised qualifications or group of competencies (i.e. for part of a qualification rather than a whole qualification).

What are the benefits for RPL for me?

  • You will have your skills recognised.
  • It saves you time in achieving a qualification as you do not have to repeat learning or undertake training for skills and knowledge you already have.
  • It enables you to identify gaps in your knowledge and skills and, therefore, any learning that needs to occur to meet the requirements of a particular job role or qualification.

Is it a difficult process?

RPL is not difficult. It is a flexible assessment process which can vary from one applicant to another – even when addressing the same qualification. Typically, the process involves some kind of assessment of your existing skills and knowledge to determine the competencies you have. The assessment is aligned with relevant types of supporting evidence, but is not necessarily dependent upon any one type of evidence; instead the complete set of evidence is viewed holistically.

Here are some examples of possible evidence:

    • practical demonstrations – in the workplace or simulated environment via video/DVD, or web tools
    • work samples or photos of work, e-portfolios
    • CV/resume, job descriptions
    • assessment conversations
    • references and support from supervisors
    • training certificates
    • performance reviews.

If you are a Vocational Education and Training (VET) student or are considering enrolling in a VET course and want to find out more information about RPL for VET, please access the Applicant’s guide to RPL, or contact the Office of VET Business Improvement.

T: 1800 238 838

If you are a Higher Education student and want to find out about credit transfer, advanced standing or professional assessment, visit the Advanced standing page or contact Student Central.

T: 08 8946 7766 or freecall 1800 061 963