4x4 Operation/Recovery (Casuarina and Katherine)

4x4 Operation/Recovery (Casuarina and Katherine)

This workshop is designed for licensed drivers who need to learn advanced skills for operating and recovering four wheel drive vehicles in off-road situations, be it for personal interest or work requirements. This program may also be adapted for corporate team building exercises.

The course covers:

  • basic vehicle maintenance
  • vehicle safety
  • tackling uneven terrain
  • water crossings
  • recovering a bogged vehicle

Length of course

This course is delivered over an average of two consecutive days, but may take longer depending on skill level and requirements of participants. Courses are available at regular intervals throughout the year.


FWPCOT3259 - Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads
FWPCOT3260 - Recover four wheel drive vehicles
FWPFGM3215 - Perform complex 4x4 operations


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