VET Student Guide 2020

Graduating from VET at CDU

At the time of graduation from a specified course, VET graduates receive digital graduation documents known as My eQuals as well as hard copy documents at no charge.

My eQuals is being adopted by universities across Australia and New Zealand. It allows students to view and securely share digital versions of our documents with anyone, including employers and other universities. For further information on My eQuals visit the graduation documents webpage.

Academic transcripts, certificates of completion, testamurs and My eQuals will not be issued where fees remain outstanding or you have not provided CDU with your Unique Student Identifier (USI). You can apply for your USI online.

A replacement fee for a hard copy Testamur is $100 per completed award, capped at $300. The fee for a digital copy is $50 total for all completed awards. A request for a testamur reprint must be accompanied by the original or by a statutory declaration stating what happened to the original Testamur.

Additional Academic Transcripts cost $40 for a hard copy or $20 for a digital copy. Please note that digital transcripts do not show the grading system as the original hard copies do. This can be obtained by visiting the Academic Transcript information on the CDU graduation documents webpage.

Certificates of completion cost $30 for a hard copy. Digital copies are not currently available.

Requests for Academic Transcripts, Certificates of Completion, Testamurs and eQuals can be made through the Academic Document Request via eForms. You can also access your academic records on MyStudentInfo. Apprentices should contact the Apprentice Administration Group.

For further information, contact Student Central at Casuarina campus

T:  1800 061 963
W: Student Central

Apprentice Administration Group
T: 08 8946 7540

The Memorandum of Grades is a printed record of units and results within a course, and is provided by the Office of VET Business Improvement at the end of each teaching period for the duration of the course.

A Memorandum of Grades is not provided where fees remain outstanding. For a replacement copy of your Memorandum of Grades, contact your industry team Customer Service Officer.

Students are encouraged to view their results on MyStudentInfo.

A Statement of Attainment (SOA) is issued to a student under the following conditions.

  • upon successfully completing one or more accredited units or an accredited short course that does not meet the requirements for a full qualification (as specified in the training package) within 30 days of completing their training program*.
  • eligible students who withdraw from a course before the completion of the training program are to receive an SOA for any completed units in the training program within 30 days of withdrawing from the course.

* A Statement of Attainment is initially provided free of charge at the time of completing your training program

To be eligible for an SOA, students must be debt-free with Charles Darwin University and hold a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) that is verified by the University.

Where a training product is no longer current, and the course or unit version is likely to be removed from CDU's scope of registration, eligible students will receive an SOA for units successfully completed prior to the expiry date or removal from CDU's scope of registration. Students with any outstanding fees will have to request an SOA. This will be issued when the outstanding fees have been paid. Students who have not provided CDU with their USI number before the expiry date will not be issued with an SOA. Alternative arrangements will need to be made with their course team to gain recognition of competency.

If you require a replacement copy of a Statement of Attainment, a replacement fee of $35 will be charged for each request. The request for a replacement can be made through your relevant industry team.

Note: The replacement Statement of Attainment will clearly state 'This document is a reprint of the original' and show the date the original document was issued.

For further information contact:

VET Support Officers Group

Apprentice Administration Group
T: 08 8946 7540

Completing a training program means the delivery and assessment of all units intended to be studied has been completed by the RTO. Students who withdraw from their course are also considered to have completed their training program.

The University holds two graduation rounds each year. In Darwin the first round is in May and the second in October. A graduation ceremony is also held in Alice Springs in June.

Students who believe they have completed all requirements of their course can complete the EGT104 - Nomination to Graduate form also available from Student Central.

VET students who owe fees to the University or have not provided their Unique Student Identifier (USI) are not able to graduate until their debt has been cleared or their USI has been verified by the University. Students owing fees or with no USI are automatically deferred to the next graduation ceremony round.

For further information, contact Student Central.

T:  1800 061 963
W: Graduation