VET Student Guide 2018

Student support services

Whether you are studying on-campus or online, CDU offers a range of services and support networks to assist you while you are studying with us. These services are further outlined below.

On-campus accommodation

International House Darwin (IHD) provides on-campus living for CDU students in higher education, work placement and trades. The IHD community is a vibrant mix of Territory, interstate and international students. Its communal activities range across academic and pastoral programs as well as cultural and social activities. Our office can work with you to accommodate long or short term stays and can assist with multiple trade-block stays.

The Alice Springs Student Accommodation (ASSA) accommodates students, staff and visitors on the Alice Springs campus. For details about the application process visit the ASSA website.

Katherine Student Accommodation (KSA) provides short term accommodation for students and groups on CDU's Katherine Rural campus. For details about fees and costs contact KSA.

For more information about application and costs contact:

International House Darwin
Casuarina campus
T:   08 8946 6591
W:  International House Darwin

Alice Springs Student Accommodation (ASSA)
T:   08 8959 5295

Katherine Student Accommodation (KSA)
T:   08 8973 8324

Off-campus accommodation

The Off-campus Accommodation Officer provides advice and information regarding off-campus accommodation available in Darwin. The service is available to new and continuing students, is free and confidential, and can provide advice on housing options, tenancy issues and support with general accommodation queries no matter where you live.

For further information, or to make an appointment:

T.   08 8946 6288
W: Accommodation Services
W. Study Stays

The Careers and Employment team is available to assist you with career related queries and help you prepare for employment. Improve your chances of securing the career you want by talking with the expert staff and accessing resources in CareerHub that will build your skills and knowledge to give you a competitive edge in the job market.

The Careers and Employment team offers career development services including resume, cover letter and selection criteria reviews and advice about interview skills, job search strategies and career pathways.

Log in to CareerHub (using your CDU ID and password) to view online resources and the job noticeboard. You are also welcome to make a personal appointment with a CDU Career Counsellor.

For further information or to make an appointment:

T:   08 8946 6288
W: Careers and Employment

A complaint is any type of problem, concern or grievance about your studies, student life, the University or the University environment. The Complaints Management Unit provides confidential advice to assist students in resolving their concerns or complaints in accordance with the University’s procedures.

For further information contact:

Complaints Management Unit
Casuarina campus
T:   08 8946 7738

W: Complaints Management Unit

At times, we all experience personal difficulties that may cause disruptions and confusion in our lives. Study usually involves a significant commitment of time and effort, and requires a disciplined routine to achieve academic success. Unfortunately, sometimes other matters may intrude and, in these circumstances, it can be helpful to talk with a counsellor.

The CDU Counselling Service is free and confidential, and can assist students who may be experiencing personal difficulties that are distressing and having an impact on studies.

There is one full-time counsellor located on the Casuarina campus, and on part-time counsellor located in Sydney, and both counsellors are available for contact by telephone.

You can make an appointment online or call the office directly:

T:   08 8946 6288
W: Counselling Service

CDU provides an accessible, supportive, safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. The Disability Services team provide free, confidential assistance if your study is impacted by:

  • disability
  • a mental health condition
  • a medical condition
  • carer responsibilities.

For further information contact:

T:   08 8946 6288
W: Disability services

It is the objective of CDU to ensure the absence of all forms of discrimination and harassment based on gender, marital status, race and age, disability or sexual preference in relation to all facets of student participation at the University.

The Complaints Management Unit assists students who believe discrimination may be occurring, by discussing and clarifying the situation and exploring with students their rights, responsibilities and options to resolve the matter.

For further information contact:

Complaints Management Unit
Casuarina campus
T:   08 8946 7738

W: Complaints Management Unit

The Office of Indigenous Student Services (OISS) comprises a team of highly skilled and qualified CDU staff who provide academic, pastoral and ambassadorial support across the Higher Education (HE) and VET range of disciplines to Indigenous students studying at Charles Darwin University.

Whether you are looking to upgrade, re-skill, return to the workforce or start the next phase in your life, OISS can help with a diverse choice of courses and academic support for Indigenous students studying internally or externally, full time or part time. OISS provides a culturally supportive physical and intellectual environment that recognises and values individual learning styles and student needs.

With Indigenous Student Support Centres located at Casuarina (Gurinbey), Katherine (Yangan.garr) and Alice Springs (Akaltye), the OISS team encourage students to reach their full potential while providing ongoing support and advice throughout their learning journey. Support is available to all prospective, enrolled and continuing students nationally, locally and remotely via a range of student engagement tools and approaches.

How can OISS help me?

OISS provides high-level support and assistance to Indigenous students studying at CDU through:

  • Assistance with course information and advice on pathway's into further education and training.
  • Assistance with student admissions, enrolments and applications including the development of Individual Learning Plans.
  • Arranging orientation programs for new and continuing students, including intensive advice and support on academic study skills, effective time management, essay writing and referencing skills.
  • Provision of academic support and referrals for tutoring through Tutorial Support (formally ITAS) where individual or group tutorial assistance can be arranged.
  • Provision of information about scholarships and other opportunities that become available for Indigenous students from time to time.
  • Excellent student facilities and the provision of culturally safe study space in all centres and computer labs.
  • A broad distribution of the Indigenous Academic Support newsletter disseminating information and acknowledging student successes.
  • Provision of advocacy support including assistance with study issues and liaison with lecturers.
  • Referral to CDU support services such as counselling, careers, employment and accommodation.

For further information or general enquiries, contact OISS.

Gurinbey at Casuarina campus

OISS is located in Building Blue 2 on the Casuarina campus and includes a range of facilities for students as well as a dedicated computer lab and quiet study space for Indigenous students.

Contact: OISS Reception:
T:   08 8946 6485
F:   08 8946 6064

Akaltye at Alice Springs campus

Indigenous Student Services at the Alice Springs campus located in Building 6, at the rear of Student Central.

Contact: Lorraine St Clair
T: 08 8959 5411
Sharon Donnellan
T: 08 8959 5390

Yangan.garr at Katherine Rural campus

Indigenous Student Services is located at the Katherine Rural campus in the Library building.

Contact: OISS Reception:
T:   08 8946 6485
F:   08 8946 6064

Regional and external students

Support is available to all prospective, enrolled and continuing students. Students not residing within reach of a support centre or studying externally are encouraged to contact OISS Reception on 08 8946 6479 or at

Indigenous Grants

Indigenous Grants consists of the OISS – Tutorial Support Program (formally ITAS), Away From Base (AFB) and Scholarships.

OISS – Tutorial Support provides additional funding for tuition to help eligible Indigenous students studying both VET and HE course at CDU.

The Away From Base (AFB) funding program assists with the costs of travel, meals and accommodation for eligible Indigenous students studying ‘mixed-mode’/external VET and HE courses that require compulsory travel.

For more information please contact:

Tutorial Support
T:   08 8946 6563

Away From Base/Scholarships
T:   08 8946 7429

Information Technology Management Support (ITMS) manage and provide a wide range of services for students and staff at CDU. Of particular interest to students are the following:

  • Office 365 - CDU in conjunction with Microsoft provides you with access to Office 365 for the duration of your study at CDU. Office 365 provides a number of services across Windows PC, Apple computers and mobile devices. These services include Microsoft Office products both online and installed and email services. You can access Office 365 and all its services using your student email address (e.g.: via the O365 login page.
  • OneDrive for Business - part of Office 365, allows you to store up to one terabyte of data in your own cloud storage area on the web. This will give you access to your data from both on and off campus using any device you wish via a web browser.

Note: Students should be aware that these services will only be available while you are enrolled at CDU. Alternate arrangements need to be made for after course completion.


Students are provided with an email address hosted by the University. This email address is your official CDU email address and all correspondence will be sent to this address. This service is web-based (such as Hotmail or similar), making it available wherever you can access the internet. It has a 200 GB quota limit.

Students may choose to set up a preferred email address, where a copy of any email sent to their official email address is forwarded. This can be done on the CDU MyStudentInfo webpage, in the My Email Address section. If a student chooses to do this, they will need to occasionally remove emails from the official email inbox to stay under the quota.

Internet access

What you access on the internet through the CDU connection to the internet is governed by the University Internet Access Policy. All internet web traffic is monitored by our systems against your username/password and in the event that an excessive amount of data or illegal content is detected, students will be contacted and asked to explain. Students under the age of 18 are required to fill out a Permission for Internet Access for a Person Under the Age of 18 years form, which must be signed by a parent or guardian. The form can also be obtained from the IT Kiosk at Casuarina campus.

IT Kiosk

The IT Kiosk at Casuarina campus is your first point of contact for help with computers, the Internet, telephones, printers, and associated information technology equipment and services.

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm excluding public holidays.
Location: Casuarina campus, Building Red 1
T:  08 8946 6600

ITMS Service Desk

The ITMS service desk serves a first point of contact to obtain IT support for all CDU locations. For any technical support problems call 08 8946 6600

Operating hours:

  • Normal hours: Monday to Thursday 7.30am – 6.00pm, Fri 7:30am – 5:30pm
  • Urgent call-out support: Monday to Friday 6.00pm – 9.00pm
  • Weekend and public holidays (urgent call-out support): 8.00am – 4.00pm

Urgent phone support will deal with problems such as network outages, server outages, major information system errors, and operational problems affecting many users. Problems with user accounts, passwords or individual machine problems will be dealt with during normal operating hours except in exceptional circumstances.

Wireless access

Wireless access is available in most CDU locations. This includes Casuarina, Palmerston, Alice Springs and Katherine campuses, and some access in other campuses. Setup of wireless is a fairly simple process, and if you require help, the IT Kiosk is prepared to assist. You can also connect to the open 'cdu-wifi-setup' wireless network, which will allow you to go to a web page that has a wizard for connecting your device to the CDU student wireless network.

Documentation is also available from the IT Kiosk and the ITMS website.

The Senior International Student Advisor is located in the Office of International Services, Building Orange 2.1. The Senior International Student Advisor provides advice and support to international students on a range of matters, such as orientation, student visa conditions, intermission (leave of absence/study leave), student load and referrals to other support services.

To make an appointment with the Senior International Student Advisor, please make an appointment online.
W: International Support services

To enquire about other services that Office of International Services offers:

T:   08 8946 7215

If you are studying a VET course and you want to improve your skills, or find out how to make learning easier or get some help with assignments and assessments, then you can contact Learner Support Services (LSS).

LSS provides one-to-one tutoring, group study sessions as well as classroom assistance. The support provided is based on your course material so that it is very relevant and useful to you. The aim of LSS is to ensure students build their skills and strategies as a learner and receive the appropriate support to successfully complete their VET course. There are no fees for LSS for students enrolled in most NTG subsidised courses. LSS is not available for VET in School students.

For more information,  contact:

T:   08 8946 7051
W: Learner Support Services

The CDU Library has services to support students studying on campus or externally. To find out more go to Library Services student welcome. The CDU Library operates at Casuarina, Palmerston and Alice Springs campuses. Library opening hours may vary between campuses and during semester breaks.

Each discipline area has a Liaison and Academic Support Librarian who is able to assist students to develop their library research skills, visit the CDU Library website.

Each campus Library has a Learning Precinct where staff can assist you with finding information, printing, scanning and so on. Computers are available for study and research purposes. All campus libraries are wireless-enabled and you can connect your laptop to the wireless network. Study areas are also available with power for your devices.

Students who are located more than 80 km from a campus are eligible to register with the Distance Library Service.

The Library also offers an ‘Ask Us’ service, which is available to all CDU students and staff via the Library homepage.

Alice Springs campus library

Building 4
T:   08 8959 5233
F:  08 8959 5282

Casuarina campus library

Building Red 8
T:   08 8946 7016

Palmerston campus library

Building C
T:   08 8946 7870
W: palmerston-campus

For more information about CDU libraries, visit the CDU Library page.


All students are required to adhere to Australian Copyright Law requirements. Find out how you can use third-party copyright material in your studies on the website. For more information on copyright go to the CDU Library copyright page.