Electrotechnology (Top End) delivers training at the Casuarina campus to apprentices and existing tradespersons giving them the knowledge and skills to work as qualified tradespersons in refrigeration and air conditioning, electrical and/or instrumentation.

The team also delivers training to students who are participating in a Career Start Program. This qualification covers competencies for work entry program providing grounding in safety and basic skills and knowledge for work in any electrotechnology discipline.

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Contact the team:

Team Leader: Brett Willowhite
T: 08 8946 7437
E: brett.willowhite@cdu.edu.au

Customer Service Officers: Paul Johnson, Jacklyn Bistak
T: 08 8946 7505
E: electrotechnology@cdu.edu.au

Campus: Casuarina


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For further information please contact:

  • Administrative Leader:
  • (08) 8946 7091