Metal Trades and Engineering

The Metal Trades and Engineering team delivers the skills required for employment in the fitting and machining trade or the metal fabrication and welding trades.

Completion of the programs offered by this team will allow employment as engineering tradespersons in industries such as manufacturing, maintenance, repairs and welding. Additionally there will be opportunities for employment in the sheetmetal fields such as general fabrication, stainless steel and/or aluminium welding, fabrication industries/construction sites and the oil and gas industries.

The team delivers training at the Casuarina campus and in regional and remote centres and communities, as well as training to high school students who are participating in VET for Secondary Students (VSS) and students in pre-employment programs at the certificate I and certificate II levels. These programs improve the student’s skills and employment opportunities in the engineering/metal industry.

Additionally, the team delivers training in regional and remote communities to allow communities to construct and repair their own facilities and generate employment opportunities.

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Contact the team:

Team Leader: Rohan Badenhop
T: 08 8946 6657

Customer Service Officers: Georgia Skarlatos and Niken Triharmeiyanti
T: 08 8946 7507

Campus: Casuarina


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  • Administrative Leader:
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