Travel Top End

Travel Top End

Travel Top End is a new and exciting way for students to learn tourism and business operations in a simulated business known as a Virtual Enterprise.

What is a 'Virtual Enterprise'?

It is a simulated business that is run by students as part of their study program with support from an educator (trainer/lecturer/facilitator) and staff from a real business.

Virtual Enterprises conduct business with other Virtual Enterprises in a simulated market economy on a local, national or international basis.

Each of these simulated businesses ('or virtual enterprises') follows real-world business practices and trades within a virtual economy.

Participation in a Virtual Enterprise gives students real business insights and an awareness of business sensitivities. They develop skills in decision making, problem solving and in working with clients towards a positive outcome.

Students learn to work effectively in a team and prioritise their work; they learn about accountability and daily work routines.

Although there is no actual transfer of goods or money, all the usual business transactions take place: orders are sent, invoices issued, financial records maintained, and a business plan and marketing strategy developed and monitored.

Students become highly motivated and engaged. This is "their" business! Hence the energy and enthusiasm is totally different to the standard classroom operation.

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