Pathways into university

Charles Darwin University is a dual-sector university - meaning it offers both Higher Education degrees and VET courses.

VET is an effective way to to 'taste-test' your future career options through focused, hands-on course options.

Did you know you might be able to get recognition for prior learning which credits towards a Higher Education course after you complete your VET training?

This means if you're unsure whether university is for you, you can complete courses focused around your interests first.

Study skills support

Just because you have chosen to complete a more hands-on course doesn't mean you can't receive academic support to help you improve the skills you need to complete your theory work.

VET provides students with a free Learner Support Service (LSS) aimed at helping students;

  • complete assignments on time
  • numeracy and literacy skills
  • plus any other key study areas students may need help in.

These skills you gain will also help you with your transition into higher education course work.

If you're interested in further studying after VET, contact the school's team leader to find out how you can qualify.