Yolŋu Reseach @ CDU

Programs, projects and related websites that have involved Yolŋu and other Indigenous people working with Charles Darwin University in collaborative research.

Yolŋu Aboriginal Consultants Initiative

The Yolngu Aboriginal Consultants Initiative is a way of representing and producing some collective research collaborations between university researchers and Yolŋu (and other Indigenous) knowledge authorities.

Teaching from Country

This program sets up and evaluates distance education in reverse: the Yolŋu lecturers are in remote places and the students of Yolŋu languages, culture and fine arts, are (mostly) on campus.


IKRMNA was a three year 2003-2006 ARC Linkage Project to support and develop Indigenous databases that maintain and enhance the strength of local languages, cultures and environments in Northern Australia.


INC stands for Inter-Networking Communities. In 2005, the CDU research panel awarded an infrastructure grant to further collaboration among CDU staff and with students who are working in the areas of Information and Communication Technology and Capacity Building in remote communities.

Sharing The True Stories

This web-site is an archive of the Sharing the True Stories Project which sought to support improved communication between Health staff and Indigenous clients

Long grassers on Larrakia land

Link to a pdf report 2005 Long grassers on Larrakia land by women from the Yalu Centre