1. Alice Wilson Milne, Owner, Artist, The Learning Academy, New Zealand
  2. Brett Stephenson, Teacher Leader from Tasmania.
  3. Chris Matthews, Lecturer in Environmental Mathematics, Griffith, Aboriginal mathematician.
  4. Elena Prieto, Parameterized Complexity Researcher, Science and Engineering Challenge, University of Newcastle, AU
  5. Erik Stern, Teaching Math through movement. Santa Cruz dance company, founded in 1987, creator of Guys Dancing for Math, TED YouTube:
  6. Ferdi Klesch, VET Lecturer Information Technology, Business and Services Industry Division, Charles Darwin University
  7. Frances Rosamond, Parameterized Research Unit, Charles Darwin University
  8. Geri Lorway, Professional Teacher Leader, Alberta, Canada. Provides Professional development to Canadian Native People teachers.
  9. Gretchen Villamil, teacher Puerto Rico
  10. John Bament, Teacher in Darwin
  11. Jon Borwein, Australian Laureate Professor, Member Australian Academy of Sciences, Professor University of Newcastle
  12. Jonathan Milne, Owner, Artist, The Learning Academy, New Zealand
  13. Lola Brown, caterer, Old Bar, NSW
  14. Mahdi Parsa, Parameterized Research Unit, Charles Darwin University
  15. Matt Skoss, Teacher Leader from Alice Springs Centralian Senior College; Alice Springs High School.‎
  16. Michael Christie, Education Charles Darwin University
  17. Michael Fellows Parameterized Research Unit, Charles Darwin University
  18. Michael Lampis, Post Doc Multivariate Algorithmics, Stockholm
  19. Nicole Brown, CEO of Robogals
  20. Noy Rotbart, Parameterized complexity Doctoral student in Copenhagen. Designing a new graduate course in parameterized complexity. Taught school in Israel using Unplugged.
  21. Peter Shaw, Parameterized Research Unit, Charles Darwin University
  22. R (Jam) Ramanujam, Professor of Computer Science, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. Director of Tamil Nadu Science Forum, teaches useful math skills to cleaning ladies and auto rickshaw drivers. Organizes enormous science fairs for kids.
  23. Rudiger Reischuk and wife, Professor Computer Science Luebeck, Germany
  24. Sally-Ann Williams, GOOGLE
  25. Terry Dunbar, ACIKE Charles Darwin University
  26. Tim Bell, author of Computer Science Unplugged, Professor of Computer Science, Univ Canterbury, NZ
  27. Ulrike Stege, Professor of Computer Science, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Works in Parameterized Complexity. Outreach to Canadian Native People.
  28. V.Mohan-Ram, Education at Charles Darwin University
  29. Valia Mitsou, Post-Doc, New York University
  30. Verena Specht-Ronique, actress, dancer, playwright, teaching math through drama. Coming from Frankfurt, Germany.
  31. Vlad Estivill-Castro, Professor of Computer Science, Griffith University