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CDU event

Chinese Foundation 2

Presenter Lei Shangguan
Contact person
Ali Mubarik
T: 08 8946 7677 E:
Location Darwin Language Centre, 1 Nemarluk Drive, Ludmilla NT 0820
Open to CDU staff and students, Public

Course outline

Following the Chinese Foundation 1 course, the Chinese Foundation 2 course will take you through the first steps to learning Chinese grammar. 

This course consists of two volumes, the first of which covers three units and the second covers four. Each unit is composed of four lessons. There are altogether 28 lessons. After learning the two volumes, you will be able to speak more than 600 Chinese words and expressions and write over 400 Chinese characters.

Course details

  • Before each unit you will able to view the contents of the unit, where you can see the lessons that are covered, the topics, important sentences, and language points of each lesson.
  • Each lesson consists of 'Text', 'New words', 'Learn to speak', 'Notes on language points' (notes on Chinese phonetics), 'Learn Chinese characters', 'Reading and writing exercises' and 'Comprehensive exercises'.
  • Each lesson includes two or three texts, and the new words are listed after each text in order of their appearance in the text.
  • 'Learn to speak' includes example sentences, charts and exercises for each lesson. If you are still unclear about the language points you can read the English translation of 'Notes on language points'.
  • We will learn about twenty new characters in each lesson. To help you better understand Chinese characters, 'Learn Chinese characters' introduces knowledge about structures, components and radicals of Chinese characters.
  • 'Reading and writing exercises' will further provide many exercises on Chinese characters.
  • 'Comprehensive exercises' will include exercises on listening, reading and speaking. Please finish those exercises actively following the teacher's instructions in class. Only in this way can you really improve your level of Chinese.

    This unit of work is equipped with the recording script and worksheets. The worksheets are assignments for each lesson. Please finish them in earnest after class. At the end of each unit there is a set of unit review exercises, which can help you have a comprehensive review.

    The book is also equipped with a recording of the texts, new words and listening exercises and multi-media teaching courseware. Please review and practise after class with these resources. Finally, I wish you smooth and continuous progress in achieving your personal goals of learning Chinese!

    This course will run for eight weeks every Thursday evening from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

    This course is free for CDU staff and students. Please write CI in front of your name when registering.

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