Keep up-to-date with CDU research on the Conversation

Keep up-to-date with CDU research on The Conversation

  • Here's what teachers look for when kids start school
    Most parents know how important it is to read to their child, but not as many know the importance of helping them learn emotional skills. And it's the emotional skills teachers find most important. Amy Graham, PhD Candidate, Charles Darwin University Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.
  • Adani's finch plan is approved, just weeks after being sent back to the drawing board
    The Queensland government has green-lit an updated version of Adani's plan to protect the black-throated finch at its Carmichael mine site, after the earlier plan was branded inadequate. Stephen Garnett, Professor of Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University Brendan Wintle, Professor Conservation Ecology, University of Melbourne...
  • Meet the Kakadu plum: an international superfood thousands of years in the making
    The Kakadu plum is one of the richest sources of vitamin C of any fruit, and the increasing demand has started creating supply problems. Gregory John Leach, Honorary Fellow at Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Darwin University Licensed as Creative Commons – attribution, no derivatives.
  • As the dust of the election settles, Australia's wildlife still needs a pathway for recovery
    In the event, the federal election turned out to be more about the economy than the environment. But there are steps the Coalition government can take to help conservation and boost the economy too. Rachel Morgain, Knowledge Broker, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University Bradley J. Moggridge, Indigenous Water Research, University...

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