Centre for Renewable Energy

Mission Statement: CRE will be recognised as a champion of research and community engagements in the NT to create renewable, sustainable and behavioural solutions in remote and urban environments.

Energy plays a central role in developing more sustainable livelihoods and economies in northern and central Australia and neighbouring countries. Energy sustainability will become an issue in this endeavour unless it is properly addressed. The Centre for Renewable Energy (CRE) was established through a partnership between Charles Darwin University and the Northern Territory Government. CRE is working to promote the Territory’s renewable-energy sector and to provide leadership on the deployment of renewable energy and low emissions and energy-efficient technologies. CRE brings together researchers to work in multidisciplinary teams in 3 research areas:

1. Renewable energy systems - Renewable energy systems research will focuses on solar technologies and the challenges in providing novel applications and cost-effective solutions for urban and remote area communities.

2. Sustainable built environment - Built environment research to develop energy efficient systems in tropical buildings through scenario analysis and adoption of renewable energy technologies.

3. Internet-of-things (IoT) in energy management and outreach - This research focuses on software and tool development and their potential in energy modelling, management and monitoring solutions.