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Research areas

Research in the Centre for Renewable Energy

Our research is focused on:

  • waste-to-energy
  • effective maintenance of photovoltaic systems (PV)
  • efficient hybrid renewable energy systems.

Waste to Energy

Primarily focused on a large amount of biomass waste produced in the Northern Territory, our bioenergy research leverages CDU’s capabilities and disciplines within engineering, horticulture and microbiology.

Examples include:

  • the impacts of biofuels in engine design and emissions
  • risk management and supply chain analysis of biofuels in remote communities
  • microbiology studies of biofuels in the conversion process and fuel storage.

Also, this presents opportunities for industry collaborations, in particular, ATSI (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) organisations.

Fundamental and applied research in biofuel contributes to other research themes in the CRE.

Maintenance of PV systems

Solar panel manufacturing has reached a state of maturity where widespread usage as an electricity source is now the norm.

Our research in the area, in collaboration with the industry, investigates control strategies for system optimisation and operation.

Predictive maintenance, particularly in remote locations, is an important research field in keeping PV systems running effectively.

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Our interest in hybrid energy systems is primarily focused on pairing solar PV panels with another type of energy to create a reliable power supply that is not affected by drops in radiation caused by clouds and time of day.

Diesel generators are traditionally used in hybrid PV systems, but we are also investigating the use of biofuels to create a 100% renewable energy hybrid system.